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Involved in an Auto Accident? Stay Off Social Media

Personal Injury

If you’re in a car accident, it’s only natural to want to let your friends and family know you’re okay. However, you should think twice before you post about your wreck on social media. The Rock Hill, SC personal injury lawyer at BurnetteLaw, LLC offers the following reasons why you should stay away from social media after an auto accident:

  • Injuries –  While you may be feeling okay right after the accident, you may not have come out uninjured. That’s because the adrenaline rush or shock from the wreck can mask some of your symptoms. Call your friends and family to tell them you’re fine from the accident, but refrain from posting this in your status. If you should suffer from external or internal injuries later on, the other party’s attorney can use this post against you.
  • Pictures – Pictures are worth a thousand words. That means a photo posted with a caption talking about a lack of damages can hurt you in the long run. Internal damages to your car aren’t easily noticed. Avoid posting any pictures or comments about the condition of your vehicle. The same holds true for yourself. Photos of you smiling after the event can hurt you if you suffer injuries that don’t immediately present themselves.

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