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5 Ways to Avoid Car Accidents This Winter

Personal Injury

It’s always important to be careful while on the road. But driving during the winter brings a whole new set of challenges. The personal injury lawyers in Rock Hill, SC at BurnetteLaw, LLC have five tips on how you can avoid car accidents this season:

  1. Change speeds slowly – Take it easy when hitting the gas pedal or brakes this winter. Black ice is fairly common in our area. By changing speeds gradually, you’ll decrease your chances of losing control, skidding, or spinning your wheels.
  2. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles – Keep several car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you. By keeping a safe distance, you’ll give yourself more time to react to the traffic in front of you – and potentially avoid an accident.
  3. Put air in your tires – The air pressure in your tires tends to decrease when the weather gets colder. Make sure you have the proper air pressure levels in each of your tires. Underinflated tires can lead to blowouts or loss of control.
  4. Don’t use cruise control – Avoid using cruise control as much as possible. Cruise control increases your chances of skidding if there are any slick spots on the road.
  5. Put away distractions – Put away all phones and other distractions before you start your car. Texting, talking on the phone, and eating are common causes of accidents. Ask passengers to be considerate while you drive – they can be a distraction, too.

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