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Can You File a Civil Lawsuit for a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Workers' Compensation

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you want justice for your injuries. You also want the financial compensation necessary to make up for lost wages and cover the cost of medical treatment. The pain you suffered, both mental and physical, should be taken seriously by your employer. As you work with a workers’ comp lawyer, you may wonder whether a civil lawsuit can be filed. While you should always consult with a workers’ compensation attorney directly about your legal concerns, BurnetteLaw, LLC has some information that may be helpful

Civil lawsuits & workers’ compensation claims

In general, workers’ compensation insurance counteracts lawsuits since it is designed to cover workplace injuries. Even if your employer is at fault, any civil lawsuit brought by the injured party may not hold up in court. However, it’s still a matter that you should review with your workers’ comp lawyer. There may be other details that factor into your case.

Third parties & claims

At the same time, if a third party was involved in causing the injury, you could possibly sue. This type of lawsuit could potentially go along with a workers’ comp claim. But, again, this is a matter for your workers’ comp lawyer to determine.

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