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Common Causes of Tractor Trailer Accidents

Personal Injury

As any truck accident lawyer will tell you, the recovery period from tractor trailer accidents can be long and tiring. So can the legal aftermath. Of course, in a perfect world, accidents wouldn’t happen. While no one can stop them all, the personal injury attorney at BurnetteLaw, LLC wants to help you avoid these dangerous situations at all costs. Here are some of the common causes behind tractor trailer accidents so you can be safer on the road.

Mistakes made by passenger car drivers

In many cases, motorists’ mistakes lead to a truck accidents. Examples of common driving mistakes include driving in the “no zone” area, driving too fast or too slow, merging improperly, changing lanes frequently, and passing in an unsafe manner. Our truck accident lawyer recommends that you obey all traffic laws – and use common sense – while you’re on the road. It’s for your own personal safety.

Mistakes made by commercial truck drivers

But sometimes truck drivers are negligent. For instance, insufficient training on how to drive the truck can lead to an accident. Bad driving habits, such as driving too long without a break or speeding, are illegal and dangerous – but they do happen.

If you’ve been involved in one of these devastating incidents and you need guidance from a truck accident lawyer, contact BurnetteLaw, LLC . Our Rock Hill, SC personal injury attorney will help you get the settlement you deserve.