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What Does a Construction Litigation Attorney Do?

Construction Litigation

In the both the residential and commercial construction industries, deadlines are everything. When disputes arise, they can cause costly delays. This is why it’s vital to secure legal representation as soon as you discover an issue. A construction litigation attorney has specialized training in construction contract disputes and construction-related injuries.

When there’s a conflict between contractors and property owners or between contractors and subcontractors, a construction lawyer represents his or her client in a variety of ways. The attorney files pleadings with the court, drafts relevant documents, and may assist in negotiation of the construction contract.

A construction attorney may also represent either a contractor or a property owner in cases where the property owner alleges that the construction was deficient or defective in some way, and seeks damages. Depending on the side he or she is on, the attorney will either pursue or defend against any claims of negligence, breach of warranty, or breach of contract.

In addition, construction lawyers handle injury claims resulting from construction accidents. Usually these claims involve both a civil lawsuit and a workers’ compensation claim. In such cases, the attorney’s job is often to evaluate liability and damages.

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