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Are You Covered by Workers’ Comp Insurance?

Workers' Compensation

As an employee, you need to know whether you have workers’ compensation coverage. Why is this so important? You need to know that you have some type of security in the event of a workplace accident. Charlie Burnette, a Rock Hill workers’ compensation attorney at BurnetteLaw, LLC, has a few tips on how you can discover this information:

  • What is your employment status? There are questions that will need to be answered to determine your employment status under the law. For example, are you considered a full-time or part-time employee by your employer? Workers’ compensation insurance coverage can depend on your current employment title. If you’re concerned that your employment status will prevent you from receiving this benefit, talk to your employer to get confirmation, then call us. Our Rock Hill workers’ compensation attorney can determine fact from fiction as it applies to your employment and insurance status.
  • How were your work injures caused? Your coverage depends on whether your injuries occurred as a result of your employment. Were the injuries caused by repetitive strain that developed over a long period of time? Were there unsafe conditions that contributed to your injury? Discuss the all the details with your employer and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you still have doubts or don’t think you’re being treated fairly, work with Rock Hill workers’ comp lawyers to uncover the truth.

When you’re in the need of a Rock Hill workers’ compensation attorney, call BurnetteLaw, LLC. Charlie Burnette will advise you on this type of coverage, help you file a claim, and fight to receive the compensation you deserve.