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4 Things to Know About Disability Cases & Medical Treatment

Social Security Disability

Your approval for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits depends on a variety of things. However, one of the most critical parts of your claim the medical treatment you received. The disability lawyers at Burnette & Payne want you to remember a few important things following your injury and as you go through the claims process.

  1. Your claim must be credible – The U.S Social Security Administration must validate the credibility of your Social Security disability claim. One of the main ways they establish this is by seeing if you received medical treatment. If you refused medical treatment, it could cause the administration to question how severe your injuries actually are.
  2. You need to comply with treatment – Failing to follow a doctor’s treatment plan can hurt your claim, too. However, seeing multiple doctors for treatment options will not hurt your claim.
  3. Did you refuse surgery? – If a doctor recommended surgery but you refused to have the procedure done, expect your claim to be affected. If you believe you have a valid reason to refuse surgery, talk to a disability lawyer.
  4. Make sure you explain the circumstances – In spite of the things mentioned above, there are certain situations that the administration will accept as unavoidable. Could you not afford the treatment? Did you experience side effects following the treatment that affected your quality of life? Are you struggling to keep up with your treatment due to mental illness or other reasons? If so, please share these details with your doctors, your disability attorney, and the Social Security disability representative who’s working on your case.

The Social Security disability lawyers at Burnette & Payne are here to help people who are entitled to benefits for their injuries and illnesses. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.