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A Doctor’s Role in a Workers’ Compensation Case

Workers' Compensation

If you’ve had to file a workers’ compensation claim, it’s for one reason: you’ve been hurt at work. Regardless of the type or severity of your injuries, you’ll need to see a doctor as part of the claims process. But what role does the treating doctor play in your case? Here’s some information you need to know from the workers’ comp lawyer at BurnetteLaw, LLC Attorneys at Law.

What role does your doctor play in a workers’ comp case?

The treating doctor plays several crucial roles, not only for your claim but also for your personal well-being. The doctor will be in charge of diagnosing and treating your work injury. This is necessary because a medical diagnosis is required to determine the extent of your disability so the claim can proceed. This will also provide evidence for why you need benefits. Your doctor will perform other essential tasks including referring you to a specialist (if needed) and establishing work restrictions (if necessary). While this may seem like a lot, all of these steps are taken to ensure your health, safety, and well-being.

What should you discuss with your doctor?

Be clear, direct, and honest with any medical professional who’s treating you. Don’t leave out any critical details out about your injury, including any physical ailments or mental or emotional stress. Explain how the injury happened, how it related to your work, and how it’s impacted your daily life (including your finances). Your worker’s comp lawyer will meet with your doctor to discuss your injury and their treatment plan in order to determine the best way to proceed with your claim.

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