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How Will You Be Evaluated for Social Security Disability Claims?

Social Security Disability

After you file your Social Security Disability claim, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will start reviewing your case. This process is necessary in order for you to start receiving your benefits. But exactly how will your condition be evaluated by this group? The disability lawyers in Rock Hill, SC at Burnette & Payne have some helpful information on how this typically works.

  • The SSA will check to see if you have a medically determinable condition. First, the SSA will need to decide if your diagnosis qualifies as a medically determinable condition. This means all your medical records must document your diagnosis. Should the documents fail to reflect the diagnosis on your claim, the SSA will not approve your request for benefits.
  • Statements will be reviewed. Next, the SSA will review the statements made by your relatives and other parties. They’ll also look over the statements you made about your condition. Any remarks that relate to your day-to-day lifestyle will be of particular interest.
  • They’ll evaluate your efforts for treatment. Finally, the SSA will review the steps you took to get treatment. This is why it’s essential that you seek medical treatment as soon as you can after you’ve suffered an injury. If you didn’t attempt to obtain any treatment, your claim could be denied.

It’s imperative that you file your claim according to proper procedures – and that it’s accurate. This is the best way to get SSA approval as quickly as possible. Hiring a disability attorney will make the process much easier for you. At Burnette & Payne, our disability lawyers in Rock Hill, SC are ready to assist you when you’re ready to file for Social Security Disability benefits.