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How Are Damages Figured in a Truck Accident?

Personal Injury

No matter how cautious you are when driving around tractor trailers, accidents can happen. If you’ve been hit by an 18-wheeler and it wasn’t your fault, you need to meet with a truck accident lawyer who will try to get the most compensation for your injuries and losses. But how do the courts calculate the damages from these accidents? The personal injury attorney at BurnetteLaw, LLC wants you to know about three things that will factor into the decision.

Injuries & medical bills

Truck accidents can result in extensive physical injuries, not to mention the mental and emotional toll. In many cases, there are costly medical bills that will really start to add up over the months of recovery. The total cost of your treatment, including pain and suffering, will be factored into the damages.

Out-of-pocket expenses

You’ll likely need lots of repairs on your vehicle, if not a totally new one. If the accident wasn’t your fault, your lawyer will fight to keep you from having to pay out-of pocket for expenses like this.

Inability to go to work

You may be unable to work following a truck accident. While your time out of work could be brief, it could also be permanent. Your loss of income, both actual and projected, may be factored into your award.

If you’ve involved in a truck accident, you need to speak to a truck accident lawyer to make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to. Call now to see how BurnetteLaw, LLC can help you.