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How Do I File for Social Security Disability Benefits?

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Discovering that you’re no longer able to work is a life-changing experience. You’ll likely go through a lot of different emotions as you learn to cope with this new reality. At the same time, you’re understandably concerned about your financial welfare. What will you do when you can no longer collect a paycheck from your employer? This is where Social Security Disability Insurance comes in. This program provides for people who can’t work due to injuries, illnesses, or other conditions. Although you’ll want to start collecting your benefits as quickly as possible, there is a process you must go through in order to qualify. Here are the steps you should take when filing for Social Security disability benefits.

  1. Get the medical care you need. Your health is first and foremost. Go to the doctor or hospital and receive medical treatment for your condition. Make sure you save any documents that show your diagnosis.
  2. Apply for Social Security disability benefits. You’ll want to make sure that you qualify to apply and that you provide all the documentation that’s necessary. A Social Security disability attorney can help make the filing process much easier.
  3. Wait for a decision. Your application will be reviewed by a Disability Determination Services group. They may choose to approve or deny your claim, or to ask for additional medical information. You may be required to undergo additional medical exams.
  4. Appeal if necessary. If your claim is denied, you have the right to file an appeal. Working with a Social Security disability lawyer gives you the best chance for winning your appeal.

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