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How to Choose a Doctor for Your Workers’ Comp Case

Workers' Compensation

Getting treatment for your workplace injuries is a top priority. However, so is getting the best medical counsel to provide support for your case. How should you choose a doctor for your workers’ comp case? Charlie Burnette, a workers’ comp lawyer at Burnette & Payne, wants you to know the following information about the process of choosing doctors for workers’ comp cases.

Medical specialization

When seeking out care, be sure to find a doctor that specializes in handling injuries of your type. Otherwise, you could end up with poor treatment or inadequate testimony for your case.


A doctor should also be proficient in assisting with workers’ comp cases. Always ask about a medical professional’s skill in this area.

Availability and location

Finally, be sure to meet with a doctor that is close to your home. Make sure they have the time to give you adequate treatment and help with your case. Hire a doctor who can work with your schedule. The convenience factor should not be underestimated since you could have to go to multiple appointments.

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