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How to File a Personal Injury Claim in South Carolina

Personal Injury


Have you been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault? Thousands of people in South Carolina are hurt each year through medical malpractice, auto accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and dog bites or attacks. If you’ve been involved in one of these situations, you may be able to file a personal injury claim.

However, it is important that you file your personal injury claim correctly. Failing to do so could cause you to lose your rights to compensation. That’s why it’s always important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney like Charlie Burnette. Here’s how to file your claim, along with some things to keep in mind if you’re in an accident.

First, make sure you file a police report at the time of the accident. You may also want to visit a doctor if you didn’t do so immediately following the incident. These records will be an important part of building your case.

Next, look for an attorney to represent you. A lawyer with extensive experience in personal injury cases will be able to get the process started for you quickly. Charlie Burnette has represented many clients in the Rock Hill, SC area over the past 35 years. He understands the exact steps to take to file your personal injury claim in South Carolina.

Once you’ve hired a lawyer, the process of filing your claim begins. The first step is to file a complaint. The defendant then has 30 days to respond. Please note that you only have three years from the date of your injury to file this claim. In South Carolina, claims for less than $7500 are filed in magistrate claims court. Claims for more than $7500 are filed in circuit court.

After you’ve filed your claim, both sides will begin investigating what happened at the time of the accident. You may be asked to give a deposition to tell your side of the story. From there, you may be able to settle with the defendant. If not, the case will go to trial or arbitration.

If you’ve suffered an injury, don’t wait any longer to get the compensation you deserve. Call BurnetteLaw, LLC today.