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You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident–Now What?

Personal Injury

Following the rules of the road can help keep you safe when you’re out for a ride on your motorcycle. However, accidents can still occur, regardless of how careful you are. You need to be prepared if this happens to you. The personal injury lawyers near you at BurnetteLaw, LLC have some tips on what you should following a motorcycle wreck:

  • Watch what you say. Give the police officer on the scene a detailed description of the accident, but don’t admit fault. Keep your statements to officers and others brief. In addition, don’t say that you’re okay, either in person or online. This type of declaration can be used against you in court.
  • Call your insurance company as well as a personal injury lawyer. Next, contact your insurance company. Tell them what happened, share with them the names of all involved (including witnesses), and  provide contact numbers for everyone. Then find a personal injury attorney in Rock Hill to help you with your case.
  • Carefully analyze any insurance settlement. Don’t ever accept an insurance settlement without talking it over with your lawyer first.  Any settlement should take your injuries, the damages to your motorcycle, and other factors into consideration.

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