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Why Is Nighttime Driving More Risky?

Personal Injury

Driving always comes with a certain set of risks. While accidents can happen under even perfect conditions, there are certain circumstances that increase the danger. Take nighttime driving, for example. What puts you at a higher risk of an accident – and what can you do to improve your odds? Charlie Burnette, a personal injury attorney in Rock Hill, South Carolina, wants you to stay as safe as possible when you’re out on the roads. Keep these things in mind when you’re driving after dark.

Other drivers have riskier behavior after dark.

The number of drowsy and intoxicated drivers multiplies when the sun goes down. While you may be used to sharing the road with careless drivers in the daytime, it’s harder to identify and react to them at night. Stay alert and don’t assume other drivers are being careful.

Know the stats on nighttime driving.

Did you know that 40% of all auto accidents take place at night? When you don’t have daylight to increase visibility, it’s harder to see what’s coming your way. In the wintertime, nighttime usually brings the coldest temperatures of the day, increasing the chances for slick spots on the roads. Anticipate the conditions you’ll likely encounter before you head out on the road.

Even the most prepared drivers can’t avoid accidents all the time. If you’ve been injured in a wreck that wasn’t your fault, call BurnetteLaw, LLC to speak to a personal injury attorney in South Carolina.