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3 Common Springtime Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury

As the weather warms up, more and more people will be enjoying outdoor activities. But while you’re having fun, it’s also important that you stay alert. You see, springtime is a common time for certain types of personal injury claims. The personal injury lawyers in Rock Hill, SC at BurnetteLaw, LLC want you to watch out for these three situations so you can stay safe this spring:

  1. Slips and falls – Heavy rains are common in the springtime. All that water makes pathways, sidewalks, and roads very slippery. Make sure paved areas around your home are free from oil and other slippery substances. Be sure to wear sensible shoes when it’s raining to reduce your risk of a slip-and-fall accident.
  2. Bicycle accidents – Warm weather makes people want to hop on their bicycles. But bike riding in traffic increases your risk of an accident. If you ride, make sure you always follow traffic laws, wear brightly colored clothing, and keep an eye out for motorists. If you’re driving, give cyclists room as you pass them.
  3. Motorcycle accidents – Spring is a popular time for motorcyclists to head out on a road trip. Watch out for aggressive drivers and pay attention to your surroundings. Plan your route so you can be more familiar with the roads. If you’re driving a car, take your time so you can avoid causing a motorcycle accident.

If you’ve been hurt in any of the types of personal injury claims mentioned above, please contact BurnetteLaw, LLC. Talk to a personal injury attorney near you and find out what you should do to get the compensation you deserve.