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The Workers’ Compensation Hearing Process

Workers' Compensation

Sometimes a workers’ compensation claim can be quickly resolved. However, there are other instances in which a claim has to go to a court hearing. Your workers’ comp lawyer will help you know which route your case will most likely take. If your case does need to go to a hearing, the workers’ compensation attorneys at BurnetteLaw, LLC want you to know what to expect. Here’s a quick review of what the workers’ compensation hearing process looks like.

Does my claim warrant a court hearing?

Predicting the course of your claim is difficult, especially in the early stages of filing your case. Your workers’ comp lawyer will review every detail and will negotiate whenever possible if it’s in your best interests. If they cannot reach a reasonable settlement for you, your attorney will let you know if a hearing is inevitable.

What does the claim settlement process look like?

It’s never wise to rush the settlement process for a workers’ compensation claim. To get the best results (and the best compensation for your injuries), careful analysis must be given. You’ll need to meet with medical professionals and a workers’ comp lawyer. This process can take time since no two cases are ever the same. Your attorney will let you know if the process of a hearing is the best action for you.

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