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3 Tips for Avoiding Truck Accidents

Personal Injury

Road trips can be a wonderful way to make memories. However, it can all go horribly wrong if you’re involved in an accident with a semi truck. The personal injury lawyers in Rock Hill, SC at BurnetteLaw, LLC have put together some tips that could save your life, as well as those of the passengers in your vehicle:

  1. Why do trucks pose a threat? – Semi trucks, also known as 18 wheelers, are large, heavy, and bulky. They have major blind spots due to their size. Plus, if they need to pump the brakes, it takes extra time for them to completely stop. You need to be conscious of these factors when you are driving on interstates or other roads where big trucks are commonly found.
  2. Stay alert – When driving by a truck, you need to be alert and focused. After all, you can’t trust the truck driver to be offering you the same amount of attention. If there’s a truck driver who’s swerving on the road, pull over or slow down to give yourself distance. You can also alert the authorities about the driver’s behavior after you’ve found a stopping place.
  3. Watch out for the “danger zones” – The danger zones of a truck are on both sides, 20 feet in front, and 30 feet behind. Be especially cautious when you’re this close.

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