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Your Employer’s Role in Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Workers' Compensation

Suffering a debilitating work injury is agony enough. Filing a workers’ compensation claim for that injury can bring its share of hardships, too. When filing a claim, it’s best to meet with a workers’ comp lawyer to discuss all aspects of your case. One major determining factor in your case involves your employer. How willing are they to cover the costs of your treatment and recovery? The workers’ compensation attorney at BurnetteLaw, LLC wants to share the following information.

What’s your employer’s role in your case?

Your employer is responsible for properly reporting your injury and sending the report to their insurance or workers’ comp claim administrator. Then, they must see to it that your rights, as the injured worker, are met. Should you need medical attention (regardless of whether that treatment is needed immediately or later on), your supervisor must allow you to visit a medical facility or meet with the company’s doctor.

Should you meet with the company’s doctor?

When it comes to serious injuries that need rapid attention, your company doctor may be able to treat you faster than anyone else. However, keep in mind that an independent medical professional may give you a more unbiased report. Your workers’ comp lawyer can advise you on the best course of action for your follow-up treatment.

My employer offered me work. Should I take it?

You can and should accept work only if: your physician approves it with short-term restrictions and if the work that fits within those restrictions. Again, your attorney will tell you what is in your best interests.

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