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Work with a business lawyer for contract negotiations, claims, and more.

Business law in South Carolina covers a host of regulations that govern how companies can negotiate contracts in the state. These laws cover everything from how businesses can properly prepare contracts to what to do if a contract is in dispute. Since business contracts involve many legal considerations, experience matters. You need a business lawyer who can help you navigate the sometimes complicated processes of business contract negotiations that are a necessary part of being in business.

The attorneys at Burnette & Payne will assist you with all levels of business contracts in South Carolina. Call for a free initial consultation.

Our Business Law Practice

No matter what type of legal contract services you require for your business, Burnette & Payne can help. Our efficient, effective representation will achieve the results you want for your company.

Contract negotiations: Our law firm has experience in reviewing and preparing business contracts. It is important for you, as a business person, to have properly worded contracts. Many of the terms that are important in a contract involve legal considerations. Often, we see contracts that are prepared without the assistance of an attorney, causing many problems in trying to resolve contract disputes.

Breach of contract claims: We have experience in the evaluation, negotiation, and litigation of breach of contract claims.

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