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Divorce & Family Law

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A family lawyer will help you navigate the system.

Family law cases are some of the most emotional legal cases. That’s why you want an experienced attorney on your side. The right family lawyer can navigate the legal system while treating you and your family with compassion and respect. Attorneys Connie Payne and Baxter Burnette can help South Carolina families with divorce, alimony, and other types of family law cases. Their experience in the courtroom means results for you in your case.

South Carolina Divorce Law

In South Carolina, divorces may be classified as fault or no-fault. If you don’t have fault-based grounds for divorce (such as physical abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, or adultery), you may file a no-fault divorce if you’ve lived separately for a year or more. Due to the many complexities of these cases, it’s to your advantage to work with a divorce lawyer.

According to South Carolina law, property is divided equitably by the courts between the two spouses. There are many factors that influence this division, including income, the ability to earn an income, and the value of the property. Additionally, there are several different types of alimony that may be awarded to a spouse. We can help you reach an amicable, fair and practical outcome for you and your family and will fight for your best interests.

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